Vehicle Tracking with Temperature Monitoring

Suitable for organizations directly or indirectly involved in handling frozen food, fresh fruits and vegetables, perishable goods, cold food products.

Digital temperature readings

Accurate digital temperature readings direct from the refrigerated compartment of the delivery vehicle.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking with all the standard Eirtrack features

Location and Temperature readings

Location and Temperature readings are recorded in the system for the whole journey while the food products are being transported.

Location and Temperature Reports

Accurate and Comprehensive Location and Temperature Reports on demand or scheduled.

Alarms via SMS

Temperature Alarms via SMS or email

Temperature Monitoring

Today, maintaining and documenting the cargo temperature is an essential part of the service to your customers, especially when transporting ambient, chilled or frozen foods. Proof of a complete Cold chain makes you stand out from the competition.


Eirtrack Refrigerated Truck Temperature monitoring technology continually assesses temperatures and sends alarms to a receiver when changes to the environment are detected. The system has a temperature interface which allows easy remote monitoring on all units.

Reports are available in a variety of formats including Excel, PDF, etc, and can be displayed in graphs or lines containing temperature, time and date, address location or coordinates only. Mapping of the unit’s historical trail for the period of the temperature report is also available, proving the temperature report is from the relevant vehicle or trailer that has moved the products.

Examples of further information tracking options for the the temperature report.

Fridge engine On/Off
Fridge Doors Open/Closed
Variable Temperature Update

Variable Temperature Update Frequency (1 minute/5 minutes/ 1 hour etc)

Address and Co-ordinates

Address and Co-ordinates at the time of temperature recording.

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