Frequently Asked Questions

Every now and again we asked questions from our customers, so we have compiled the most commonly asked questions below.
1. How does Eirtrack GPS vehicle tracking technology work?

Eirtrack engineers fit your vehicle with a hardware tracking device in a discrete location within the vehicle. The device collects detailed positioning information and other vehicle data such as speed, ignition status, etc. and this data is then communicated to a server. Customers then log on to Eirtrack's web based application. Your vehicle data is then displayed on a secure online mapping system enabling you to view all vehicle data including vehicle positioning, journey details, speed and ignition status.

2. Can I use any PC to access my Eirtrack tracking system account?

You can access your Eirtrack Tracking System account from any internet enabled PC. Simply login to the Customer Zone area on our web site, after entering your unique login details your vehicle tracking map system will then be displayed. You do not have to purchase or install any additional software on your PC to view your vehicle information.

3. Who is responsible for installing the GPS tracking device?

We have highly trained installation engineers operating nationwide who will fit each vehicle with the hardware. The tracking device is installed in a discreet location to ensure the unit is concealed.

4. You have different vehicle tracking products. What is the right vehicle tracking solution for me?

Each of our products offers a unique range of features. Depending on your specific usage requirements, we can tailor the system to suit you. Our customer information team will advise on all features and will be happy to help you select the most appropriate and cost effective tracking system for your business.

5. How long does it take to install the hardware on the vehicle?

On average vehicle installations take between 30 and 60 minutes each.

6. Are there additional software/hardware costs?

There is a once off installation and hardware cost associated with the device. This is included in the purchase price. The tracking device comes with an 18 month warranty. There is a monthly advance subscription to use the service which covers all communication and web server costs. No software upgrades will ever be required as our system is a web based application and Google Mapping updates will automatically take place.

7. Will I have to sign a contract to avail of Eirtrack's vehicle tracking service?

Eirtrack have a long-term contract and customer policy. In the unlikely event that you no longer require our services; you are free to cancel your fleet management plan.

8. How accurate is Eirtrack?

Eirtrack Tracking devices use the latest in GPS technology which reports the vehicle position to within a few meters.

9. What details do I receive on a report?

You can customise any report to ensure you receive all the information relevant to your business. The user friendly reports allow you to view data such as journey start/finish time and location address, journey duration and distance, total hours driving, vehicle speeds, fuel consumption* and engine idle time. Reports can be issued as often as you like and all information is easily accessed on the online system.

10. Can I receive alerts regarding vehicles without getting reports?

Yes, you can receive an SMS text**, email or a pop up alarm window on your PC which will alert you if incidents such as speeding, excessive engine idling, vehicles leaving or entering certain geographical location (geo-fence) or any other vehicle tracking parameter is breached.

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